Health Canada Introduces “Cletus The Indigenous Fetus” To Educate The Public About Their Coerced Sterilization Program

cletus II

OTTAWA — In an attempt to allay any concerns the public may have on the recent accusations that doctors and nurses imposed sterilization procedures on marginalized women, Health Canada introduced a new approach to educating everyone on what happened.

“This new cartoon character will be the face of a new brochure we are sending out to Canadians,” said Canada’s Minister of Health, Ginette Petitpas Taylor. “Cletus is a sterilization program survivor and will be answering any questions the public may have on what happened with Canada’s eugenics program. We are also happy to announce that Cletus will be going on a nationwide tour to schools, libraries, and hospitals in a community near you.”

Sources confirmed that Health Canada will also be handing out t-shirts to Indigenous babies with a message that says “I Survived Canada’s Coerced Sterilization Program”.


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